Why Study TVET in Malaysia

The Model of SkillsMalaysia INVITE comprises four elements :

5.1 Solid Curriculum with Global Perspective
Malaysian Qualification plus International Certification

5.2 Strong Industry Links
Engagement with SkillsMalaysia INVITE Industry-Lead Bodies (ILBs) in syllabi development & internship

5.3 Holistic and World-Class Training Experience
Set-up of SkillsMalaysia INVITE Training Hubs across the country, including East Malaysia

5.4 One-Stop Service Centre for SkillsMalaysia INVITE
One-stop service centre to off er application, processing, administration and support

5.1 Solid Curriculum with Global Perspective

5.1.1 Comprehensive Technical & Vocational Training
Led by experts of the industry, the training curriculum is developed based on the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) and to date, the SkillsMalaysia INVITE programme has over 1400 accredited programmed across multiple disciplines.

These programmes allow students a flexible pathway to acquire skills qualifications which covers Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of the Malaysian Skills Certificate to Level 4 (Malaysian Skills Diploma) as well as Level 5 (Malaysian Skills Advance Diploma). In addition, 10 new programmes developed by various industries will be rolled out every quarterly.

5.1.2 Global Recognition
The programmes are accredited by the Malaysian government and contain pathways that enable students to gain internationally recognised qualifications through built-in programmes that incorporate certifi cation by City & Guilds (UK), Confederation of Tourism, Hotel & Catering Management (UK), International Motor Industry (UK), LCCI (UK), TWI (UK), TAFE (Australia) and other international and professional bodies.

5.1.3 Value-Added Features
The curriculum includes English foundation classes as well as foundation courses in ethics and laws of Malaysia. The learning methodology is a combination of face-to-face and online learning and students undergo an internship programme with participating internship centres (PIC) which are audited and certified.

5.2 Strong Industry Linkage

5.2.1 Curriculum Development
The development of the curriculum is spearheaded by industry lead bodies (ILB) and contains international best practices and standards. In addition, ILBs are part of the Assessment Board to ensure that standards are adhered to and maintained.

5.2.2 Internship
All internship programmes by PICs are accredited, audited and certified; and internship activities are monitored and recorded in a log book. In some instances, ILBs also off er internship placements. PICs are also encouraged to give interns an allowance.

5.2.3 Application & Sponsorships
All applications and recruitment are done through accredited training institutions. PICs and ILBs may have pledged to accept students for an internship programme, but this is subject to their terms and conditions.

5.3 Holistic and World-Class Training Experience

5.3.1 International Approach for Programme Accreditation
All SkillsMalaysia INVITE programmes are accredited by DSD, using COPSPA (Code of Practice Skills Programme Accreditation). COPSPA is a benchmark equivalent to international practices.

5.3.2 State-of-the-art Facilities
To ensure that students experience an environment conducive to their learning, state-of-the-art facilities which comply with safety standards are provided. Depending on the programme, standard equipment and facilities will be provided accordingly. These may
include part or all of the following :

  • Training labs, workshops and kitchens
  • Convention hall and exhibition centre
  • Auditorium, lecture halls and video conferencing centres
  • Sports and recreational facilities
  • Dining hall and cafeteria with menu monitored for food safety and nutrition
  • Residence halls for international and outstation staff , students and visitors
  • Open space that encourage interaction and promote a work and study environment
  • R&D laboratories and incubator
  • Internship and industrial placement offices

5.3.3 Value to Community

  • Higher education opportunities will be made available to you upon graduation
  • You will be able to undergo internship with ILBs and PICs which encourages hands-on skills development activities
  • You will benefit from systematic programmes with industries that foster good relations with the international community

5.4 One-Stop SkillsMalaysia INVITE Service Centre

5.4.1 Single-Centre of Reference & Processing
A one-stop centre which provides information to prospective students and handles all processing makes it simple and convenient for international students to enrol in the SkillsMalaysia INVITE programme. Students are to submit their study application directly to the accredited training centre of their interest.