FAQ on Part Time Course

Questions on Difference of Software

1.    Can I export the model from Google Sketchup to Autodesk AutoCAD Software
Usually if a designer were to use the combination of Sketchup and AutoCAD, it would be creating layout in AutoCAD and then export to Sketchup for fast modeling and material application. This is normally done for a fast or sketch presentation to the client to show conceptual design and drawing.

2.    Can I export the model from Google Sketchup to Autodesk 3DS Max Design Software?
Yes, you can export Sketchup model to 3ds Max Design for rendering purpose. However, it is still advisable to build the model from scratch in 3ds Max Design itself to avoid the possibility of modeling conflict although it might be just a minor one.

3.    What is the difference between Autodesk AutoCAD & 3DS Max?
AutoCAD is a drafting tool with accuracy of measurement to produce plans, layout, maps, key plan, elevations, sections and detailed working drawing. It can also be done in 3D by extruding the 2D drawing. However, the rendering effect is on the normal level. If you require a better result of rendering, we recommend 3ds Max Design as it is a 3D visualization tool created to produce 3D images complied with lighting effect, material application and precise camera angle view.

4.    What is the difference between 3DS Max Essential & Advance level?
Essential course is designed for beginners without knowledge or skills in 3ds Max. Anyone who is interested in the course and has basic computer skills is welcomed to join. The advance level is for those who have been practicing in the software and basic skills in 3Ds Max Design but wish to upgrade their skills in terms of advanced modeling and rendering.

5.    What is the difference of Autodesk 3DS Max & Autodesk 3DS Max?
3ds Max Design is suitable for designers in fields of architecture, interior design, furniture and products etc.; while 3ds Max is suitable for designers in fields of characters’ animation, gaming, 3D animated movie production etc. In MTTC we only offer the course of 3ds Max Design.

6.    Which software performs best for design presentation? AutoCAD or 3DS Max?
This is depending what you want to present for your design. If you are presenting space planning project which focus on plans and layout with minor 3D modeling, AutoCAD is suitable for you. If you are presenting your design as 3D visualization with full material and lighting effect, you have to go for 3ds Max.

7.    Which software performs best for parametric & dimension aspect? AutoCAD or 3DS Max?
AutoCAD performs well in terms of parametric and measurements. It gives accurate dimensions of every line and shape based on the unit that you require.

8.    What is the difference between V-Ray for 3DS Max and Mental Ray?
V-Ray is a plug-in rendering engine for 3ds Max while Mental Ray is built in rendering engine for 3ds Max. However, both of them serve the same functions, with difference of settings in terms of lighting, material and camera options.

9.    What is the difference between Autodesk 3DS Max & Sketchup Artlantis?
I would like to compare 3ds Max and Sketchup first of all. They are both 3D modeling software, but Sketchup could not perform artificial lighting effect which 3ds Max could do. Therefore, some designers will export Sketchup model to another software named Artlantis to perform rendering with lighting.

What is Artlantis? Artlantis is a standalone rendering software where it allows importing models from Sketchup or 3ds Max.

10.    What is the difference between Google Sketchup, Google Sketchup Pro & Sketchup Artlantis?
The major difference between Sketchup and Sketchup Pro is the price and some functionality. Sketchup Pro is a paid version with extra functions like Layout Presentation, Printing in larger resolutions and import & export with more formats. Sketchup Artlantis is a course offered at MTTC which we include both Sketchup and Artlantis Studio classes in a package from modeling to rendering in Artlantis software.

11.    What is the difference of Autodesk AutoCAD & Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture?
AutoCAD is the general version for all other AutoCAD version like AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Maps, AutoCAD Engineering etc. AutoCAD Architecture serves the same functions with AutoCAD with only the difference on interface and add-on architectural library.

12.    What is the difference between AutoCAD 3D and 3DS Max? Are both of them creating 3D models?
In terms of modeling:
Both of them are able to create 3D models, with different method. AutoCAD 3D is extruding 2D drawing into 3D; while in 3ds Max to create 3D models directly without having to  use any 2D drawing.
In terms of rendering:
3ds Max offers better rendering result with built-in rendering engine compare to AutoCAD which offers conceptual rendering.

13.    What is the difference between AutoCAD Essential (2D) & AutoCAD Advance (3D)?
AutoCAD Essential is a course designed for beginners without any knowledge in the software. The course is to train participants to be able to draft 2D drawing including plans, elevations, sections and detailed drawing. They will also learn to insert text and printing layout.
AutoCAD Advance is for those who have attended the essential class and wish to learn about AutoCAD 3D including extruding a model and rendering.

14.    What is the difference between V-Ray and 3DS Max?
V-Ray is a plug in rendering engine for 3ds Max to perform rendering, while 3ds Max is standalone software to create 3D models.

15.    What is the difference between AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT?
AutoCAD offers full functions from drafting 2D to modeling 3D and even rendering, while AutoCAD LT is a lighter version which only allows the function to perform 2D drafting.

16.    What is the difference between AutoCAD & Solidworks?
Solidworks is a parametric 3D modeler, while AutoCAD is to create 2D drawing and have 3D modeling functions. Solidworks has capability to perform animation and simulation, normally being used for engineering work. However, AutoCAD is more popularly being used in Malaysia’s market which provides you a better prospect of getting a job.

17.    What is the difference between Sketchup & 3ds Max Design?
Both of them are 3D modeling software, but Sketchup does not possess artificial lighting function. Sketchup is preferred as conceptual modeling to present the design idea to clients while 3ds Max Design has more detailed tools to create the model, equipped with all sorts of lighting effect and rendering engine to produce a visual image.

P/S: Please refer Autodesk Product Compare  for more details about the products.

Questions on Technical Problem

1.    What is the best RAM and System Requirement to perform AutoCAD & 3DS Max software?

For AutoCAD for Windows:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium (compare Windows 7 versions) or Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP2 or later)
  • AMD Athlon 64 with SSE2 technology, AMD Opteron® processor with SSE2 technology, Intel® Xeon® processor with Intel EM64T support and SSE2 technology, or Intel Pentium 4 with Intel EM64T support and SSE2 technology
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • 6 GB free space for installation
  • 1,024 x 768 display resolution with true color (1,600 x 1,050 with true color recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
  • Install from download or DVD

For AutoCAD for Mac:

  • Apple® Mac OS® X v10.6.8, OS X v10.7.2 or later with 64-bit Intel processor (note: at this time, Mountain Lion 10.8.x is not supported)
  • Apple® Mac® Pro 4.1 or later; MacBook® Pro 5.1 or later (MacBook Pro 6.1 or later recommended); iMac® 8.1 or later (iMac 11.1 or later recommended); Mac® mini 3.1 or later (Mac mini 4.1 or later recommended); MacBook Air® 2.1 or later; MacBook® 5.1 or later (MacBook 7.1 or later recommended)
  • 3 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • 2.5 GB free disk space for download and installation (3 GB recommended)
  • All graphics cards on supported hardware
  • 1,280 x 800 display with true color (1,600 x 1,200 with true color recommended)
  • All Mac OS X supported language operating systems
  • Apple® Mouse, Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, MacBook® Pro trackpad, or Microsoft-compliant mouse.

For 3ds Max for Windows:

  • Operating System1: Windows 7 Professional x64 or Windows XP Professional x64 edition (SP3 or higher)2
  • Intel® 64 or AMD64 processor with SSE2 technology3
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 3 GB free hard drive space
  • 512 MB or higher video card memory (1 GB or higher recommended)
  • Three-button mouse with mouse driver software
  • DVD-ROM drive6

For 3ds Max for Mac:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max can be used on the Mac via Parallels Desktop® for Mac software without having to boot directly into the Windows OS, so it is easy to switch between platforms. The system must meet the following requirements:
  • A Mac computer with an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, or Intel® Xeon® processor
  • Mac OS X 10.5.x operating system or higher
  • Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 or higher Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac
  • 4 GB RAM minimum (6 GB system memory for 32-bit Windows OS, 8 GB or more for 64-bit Windows recommended)
  • Minimum 40 GB available disk space (100 GB recommended)

2.    What are the factors that cause the machine to restart or hang while performing a rendering with 3DS Max?
This might be your machine system requirement not enough to support the rendering process. Please seek for advice on the minimum system requirement on your machine.

Questions on Service, Facilities or Quality of MTTC

1.    How can I practice at home after completed the courses? Where can I get the software?
Autodesk offers the Student Version Software for all undergraduates or for personal learning use. This is a free legal software valid for 3-years. Once you sign up our course we will assist you the steps to register and installing the software into your machine. You do not need to purchase illegal software for the practice purpose. Kindly get your free software here.

2.    (a) How will the trainer ensure that each student is performing well during the 3 days of class?
Our courses are intensive training course which involve 100% of hands-on learning in a class size of 10-15 people. This allows our trainer to take care of the progress of each student in the class and to guide them accordingly. They will make sure all of the participants are able to follow the syllabus chapter by chapter to ensure their capability to complete the final project by the last day of the class. By completing the project with full attendance then the participants will be entitled to obtain the Certificate of Completion by Autodesk.

(b) Is 3 days enough since other colleges / institute are teaching this for a longer period?

Other institutes are teaching for a longer period due to a few reasons:
Their class size is much larger than ours so the trainer could not focus the guidance on individual participants.
Their class is being dragged into few months as the class is being held only once or twice for 2 hours a week, while ours are intensive course which we involve full time learning in only 3 days.
Our training course is different from the Diploma/Degree courses as we do not teach you on the theory of design but only focuses on the hands-on practical projects which allow you to perform a drawing or rendering images immediately.

3.    (a) How about if end of the days I still cannot understand about the course, can I repeat?
(b) What if I still could not produce / didn’t learn anything after the training?
(c) What happens if I could not follow up during the class?
You can always get in touch with our instructor for any problem or inquiry. They are most willing to assist you. We are sorry but the class cannot be repeated because we ensure our training quality within the three days with full guidance of our professional instructor and this problem has not been happening all this while ever since we trained more than 250 participants. Also, we ensure all of the participants are able to complete their final project before the end of the course before being granted the Certificate of Completion.

4.    What certificate can I get if I join the training?
You will be granted the Certificate of Completion by either Autodesk or Chaos Group based on the course that you attended. The certificate will be given only based on full attendance and the completion of final project given in the class.

5.    What is the difference between MTTC and any other training centre?
MTTC is the Authorized Training Center and Authorized Certification Center, and recently being granted the sole Chaos Group V-Ray Training Center. MTTC is able to grant international-standard certificate for the training course. With that, all courses offered at MTTC are conducted by Approved or Licensed Instructor only, based on the training guidelines set by Autodesk or Chaos Group.  Besides that, MTTC is also registered with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia and Ministry of Human Resources for the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) to stamp its quality of training.

6.    Do you offer any job placement services after the training programme?
Yes, we offer this service if any of our participant is interested in getting freelance or new job. Nevertheless, this also depends on the current market demand and of job vacancies. You can fill up our application form together with your portfolio after the training course and we will keep you in touch for any job opportunity.

7.    What do I need to bring for the training?
We have fully equipped computer lab for the training and training materials will be provided. Participants do not have to bring anything except you want to use your own laptop in the class.

Questions on Course Pricing or Promotion

1.    I think the price is too expensive, why?
MTTC is an Authorized Training Center offering quality training course which follows the standard of guidelines from Autodesk or Chaos Group. All our courses are conducted by Approved Instructors and we grant you the Certificate of Completion by Autodesk or Chaos Group at the end of the course. We understand that there are a few authorized training centers in the market offering the course in different price but the training course syllabus might be different. You may compare the price and syllabus and also take not of our previous participants’ testimonials on our website to help you in evaluating the value in our training center.

2.    The price is too expensive to me, can I get the discount?
Kindly visit our Homepage / Facebook for recent promotion or discount.

3.    How about if I take 2 courses, can I get the discount?
Sorry to inform that no discount for more than one course registered due to the frequent promotion we offer.

4.    Is special student rebate applicable?
Yes, we have a student rebate of 10% for all Autodesk and Chaos Group courses. You have to present your student card while registering for the course.

5.    Do you have any promotion?
We do have promotion from time to time. Kindly visit our Homepage / Facebook for recent promo or contact 603-89399883/603-89590883.

6.    Can I pay deposit first to reserve the seat?
We do not encourage deposit payment to reserve the seat as we have other customers who have paid full amount during registration due to limited seats.

7.    Can I pay on the spot during the date of the class itself?
We are sorry but you are not allowed to register at the very last minute. At times we might have full class and we do not want to disappoint you if we can’t get you into the class when you register on the spot on the date of the class.

Questions on Courses, Instructors and Schedule of MTTC

1.    What is the syllabus in AutoCAD Advance (3D) that I’m going to learn in 3 days?
Please allow us to take down your email address so that we can send you the course outline for your reference.

2.    For the 3Ds Max training, does the trainer touch on all the meshes?
You may refer to our course outline. That would be the guideline of our syllabus. Should you inquire further or more detail regarding our course, allow us to take down your inquiries and we will get back to you.

3.    What is the maximum number per class?
Normally we take 10-12 people in a class. This allows our instructor to pay ample attention to each individual in the class in monitoring their progress of learning.

4.    What happen if the minimum number of students is not achieved?
Each of our class requires at least 5 persons to start the class. If the minimum of numbers is not achieved, we will hold the class and reschedule. However, rest assured that we will not postponed a class for more than three months.

5.    Is the schedule fixed and confirmed?
Yes, tentatively all our schedule is fixed. However, if the minimum number of participants in the class is less than 5, we reserve the rights to hold the class and reschedule.

6.    What is the background of the instructors?
Our instructors are examined and approved by Autodesk as ‘Approved Instructor’ or by Chaos Group as ‘V-Ray Licensed Instructor’. They are either lecturers from Universities and Colleges or experience designers in relevant field.

7.    How do I register for the programme?
You may register online through email/Facebook by filling in and sign the registration form, and make the payment by cheque/cash bank-in or online transfer into our Public Bank Account 3-16838-423-5 [Matrix Trinity Sdn Bhd]. You may also drop by our training center as walk-in registration and pay by credit/debit/ATM cards.

8.    How often is the intake happening?
The intake for each course is every two months. However for some of the popular course, the intake will be as frequent as monthly. Please contact our course coordinator for the intake schedule.

9.     Can I make payment with credit card?
Yes. We accept payment by all credit cards, debit cards or ATM cards. We imply a bank charge of 2% for every transaction.

10.    Can I make payment with installment?
Sorry to inform that we do not accept installment for Professional Certificate / short course.