FAQ on Full Time Course

Questions on Entry Requirement


1.    What is the entry requirement to enroll in the Pre Diploma in Architectural Draughting (SKM)?

You must be of age 16 and above with passing PT3 or 18 years old and above with passing SPM and most importantly is that you have a strong interest in the industry of architectural draughting.

2.    Would it be possible to enroll without any SPM results? 

Yes it is possible. You can submit you result transcript to us and we will notify you on your enrolment application status.

3.    Previously, I had joined Level 1 & Level 2 in Community College for Architectural Draughting, can I continue to Level 3 in MTTC?

Module which you had learnt in community college is different from module which you will be learning in MTTC. Thus, you would need to start from Level 1.

4.    When is the latest date to register?

Latest date to register is one week prior the commencement date of the class.

5.    What is the enrolment procedure and required documents to be submitted?

To register yourself, kindly fill up the registration form. You are required to submit the application form along with photocopy of identity card, academic result and a payment of RM 630.00 registration fees. We would then issue you with a Letter of Offer and will notify you on the date for orientation day.

6.    How much is maximum students per class? 

To ensure the effectiveness of this program, maximum student per class is 25 participants. This way, instructors can monitor and concentrate on each students.

7.    Is there any part-time classes available?

To cater the demands of working adults, we do provide part time classes. Part–time are students would need to attend classes 3 days monthly.

8.    I am not interested in Architectural Draughting, is there any other courses available?

For the moment, we are only focusing on the program for Architectural Draughting. Kindly provide us with your email address and we will notify you once we open a new program.

Questions on Program Details

1.    Is the class conducted on daily basis? How often would I need to attend to the class?

Classes would be conducted from Monday to Friday and students are advised not to miss any lessons as it would affect their learning progress.

2.    What certificates would I be able to obtain after I completed the program?


  • Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 3 in Architectural Draughting
  • AutoCAD® Certified Professional (if pass).
  • Certificate of Completion in Revit® Architecture (Essential & Advance)
  • Revit® Architecture Certified Professional (if pass)


  • Malaysian Skills Diploma (DKM) Level 4 in Architectural Technical Administration
  • Certificate of Completion in AutoCAD (Essential & Advance).
  • AutoCAD® Certified Professional (if pass).
  • Certificate of Completion in Revit® Architecture (Essential & Advance)
  • Revit® Architecture Certified Professional (if pass)

3.    Is this program approved by MQA? 

This program are not approved by MQA as MQA are more into academic studies while our studies based on skills practice, our program is approved under Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) instead of MQA.

4.    I understand that program in MTTC is approved by JPK. What is JPK?

JPK is Department of Skills Development (Malay: Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK)) is an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia for co-ordination and control of training skills for Malaysian citizens. It researches and develops standards to evaluate job expertise and competency.

5.    How is the program conducted in MTTC different with other institutes?

As we are institute is approved under JPK, the methodology will be 70% practical and 30% theory. Students will learn from their own hands on experience on the latest architectural technology from the industry driven instructors.

6.    Is there any students’ activities in MTTC where the students could participate?

From time to time, we would have students’ activities such as design competition, sports activities which would be held to promote healthy learning environment.

7.    In what language will the program be conducted?

Program will be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

8.    If I need guidance from my instructors, when can I seek from my instructors? Is there any consultation hour?

You can get the guidance from instructors anytime  without  any consultation hour.

9.    What is the duration of this program?

  • Certificate: 18 months + 6 months internship
  • Diploma: 15 months

10.    What will I be learning during this program?

  • Drafting skills, site analysis, design basic
  • Anthropometric
  • Construction drawing
  • Measurement drawing
  • As-built drawing
  • Tender drawing
  • Submission drawing
  • Supervisory administration
  • Uniform Building By-Law (UBBL)
  • Model making
  • AutoCAD 2D
  • AutoCAD 3D
  • Sketchup
  • 3ds Max Design Essential
  • 3ds Max Design Advance
  • Revit Architecture Essential
  • Revit Architecture Advance

Questions on Exam Structure

1.    How often will there be examination? 

All the examination will be conduct before every semester break.

2.    What is the format of the exam? 

All exams are in paper format and we also have revisions class before exam. Some questions might  ask them to draw a floor plan in computer or manually.

3.    Will my attendance and participation in class affect my exam result?

Attendance will not directly affect the marks but absence will cause them not able to catch up what they supposed to learn.

4.    What would happen if I fail my exam? Do I need to reseat the exam or the whole program?

Students need to reseat the exam paper only, not the whole program. Students will reseat the exam in the next semester and will be charged RM 300 of processing fees for each repeat exam paper.

Questions on Facilities


1.    Is hostel provided?

No we do not provide hostel.

2.    Is there any transportation provided? 

No we do not provide trasportation.

3.    Do I need to bring my own laptop during the class? 

Classes are equipped with desktop computers thus students do not need to bring their own laptop.

4.    What are other facilities which are available in MTTC?

We do have free internet / wifi for students only in institute.  It’s easier for students to online, do the research with unlimited bandwidth.

Questions on Education Pathway

1.    What is the highest level of education under JPK?

The highest level of education under JPK is Advance Diploma which is Level 5.

Questions on Career Pathway

1.    What is my future career upon completing my studies?

Your future career options includes draughtperson, interior designer, 3d modeling designer, architectural assistant, CAD designer, stage set designer, furniture designer and anything which involves design drawing.

Questions on Fees & Payment


1.    What is the payment method available?

Payment can be made via bank transfer, cheque, cash payment or credit / debit card payment at MTTC office.

2.    Is monthly payment applicable? 

Sorry to inform that monthly payment are not applicable for SKM program.

3.    Are there any examination fees or any other payment applicable?

There have no any examination fees or hidden payment except for fee of your studies (as per fee structure given). Thus, students who failed the exam need to pay RM300 for each repeat exam paper.

4.    Do I need to buy any learning materials like books or etc?

Yes, you need to buy learning materials by your ownself e.g: Design Set (T-Square Set –Square Set). We do not provide books for everyone but we do have a books for student’s research.

5.    Do you provide any allowance to your students?

No, we do not provide any allowance to students.

6.    If I had made full payment and found out that I am not interested in the program, is it possible to refund?

Upon any unsatisfactory training experiences, the replacement classes will be arranged up to two times after the three parties (The customer, The trainer & the College) round table discussion. If the two replacement classes are still unable to meet the customer’s expectations, the refund will be made fully.

Questions on Discount or Rebates

1.    I am planning to enroll for both of my children, is there any rebates?

No, we don’t have any rebates shall you choose pay by the installment. We will give the special rebate for one-time payoff which is RM1000 for each.

2.    Is there any referral rebates?

Yes, we have referral rebate (tbc).

p/s: Please contact our Education Counsellor for details.

3.    I am from outstation and I do not have any relative in Puchong, who can I contact in cases of emergency?

A list of emergency contact list will be provided to students during orientation.