Train & Replace

Train and Replace (T&R) Programme

Train and Replace Programme (T&R) is an initiative by government and has been mandated by YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia during the Budget Speech 2016. Implementation of Train and Replace Programme (T&R) is a proactive effort by the government as a key player in formulating human resource policies, including policies on the management of foreigners/expatriates.

Train & Replace Programme (T&R) is focuses on training the Malaysian workforce in order to replace the foreigners/expatriates when their contract ended, especially in low and semi-skilled foreigners and expatriates. Through this programme, it will help in reducing the country’s dependency on foreigners/expatriates.


The objectives of the Train & Replace Programme (T&R) implemented by the Government are:

  • To equip local workers with specific skills needed by employers to replace existing foreign workers (low and middle-skilled) / expatriates (skilled)
  • To assist employers to find qualified skilled workers especially in knowledge-intensive industries while enhancing the company’s competitiveness on an ongoing basis
  • To reduce the country’s dependency on foreign workers /expatriates, especially skilled workers and contribute to the achievement of the targeted 35% skilled workers by the Year 2020.

Target Group

The programme is targeted to train the Malaysian future workforce who strive to upgrade their skills to enable them to replace the existing foreigners/expatriates that currently working with HRDF registered employers or employers covered under the PSMB Act 2001:

  • Malaysian future workers who strive to upgrade their skills to enable them to replace existing foreigners (low and semi-skilled) /expatriates (skilled)
  • Existing employees in management level to improve their career advancement to the regional and global office

Implementation Mechanism

The program will be led by employers where they will determine the type of training needed by the local trainees in order to replace the foreigners/expatriates base on two ways of training.

  • In order to support Malaysia aspiration to up-skilling of Malaysian workforce, the courses offered under the Train & Replace Programme (T&R) could be certified or industry specific courses and will be based on skills requirements needed by the employers
  • Employers could select any HRDF registered training providers or their internal trainers to conduct courses that related to the skills required to support their business. The courses identified is to narrow the skills gap of Malaysian workforce to replace existing foreign workers /expatriates in their company. Apart from that, strategic courses to be offered for in-service employees are in line with the job placement at regional and global offices