McLaren's new hospital interior design inspired by patients and staff input

By Nicole Buchmann | 14th May 2019

LANSING, MI (WILX) — Check out the interior design plans of the new $450 million McLaren hospital.

Interior Concepts at McLaren hospital

The designs for the clinical spaces, interior concepts, patient floors, public spaces and cafe have been more than a year in the making.

The details in the layout, materials, flooring, as well as the color palette have all been inspired by both community members and hospital staff.

The designers, the Lansing -based Pace Howe design, is taking full advantage of the fact that they are building from scratch.

“We tried to create a space that’s going to be easy to navigate, that’s very intuitive and is very much standardized so it is easy and we aren’t creating an anxiety in the navigation of the space, we are creating a comfort level,” explained Darcy Pace, partner and project designer.

McLaren’s Professional Practice committee which includes registered nurses are actually meeting every other week to share their input on design, processes and equipment.

“So anything where they are touching the patients, they are involved in making that decision,” explained Deborah LeBlanc, the McLaren Greater Lansing Chief Nursing Officer. “They are doing the research, site visits and the design of that.

The next step for the designers, finalizing the materials.

As for construction, right now, there are about 40 workers on site, but McLaren estimates 2,500 construction jobs will be created over the three year building period.

The new hospital is set to be completed in 2022. The 240-bed care hospital is adjacent to MSU.