FAQ on Full Time Course

The 2 days full time course is an intensive short course designed to prepare you with the knowledge on what you should know about the software based on the course level. Final project assessment at the end of the day during the training period is also a plus point for you to access your understanding in using the software before the course end. Hence the 2 days of classes definitely enough for you to learn. However, after completed the class, you will still need to practice consistently to be better on the software learned. ‘’Practice make perfect ‘’

Yes. We do provide computers in our training room. Students can use the computer provided. Students can also bring their own laptop.

Shall you have the software and you prefer to practice it use your own notebook, it is advisable to bring your own laptop.

We are pleased to accept Cash ,Cheque, online banking and Credit/Debit Card for payment method.

Payment made is not refundable.

Certain software can be downloaded & installed for free to your own laptop for practice purpose.

We have discounts or promotion from time to time. Kindly leave down your contact and we will notify and update you on our latest offer.

Yes. Student are encouraged to exchange their emails and contact number with the instructors during the training session so that student could get back to their instructors when they have inquiries.

Discovery series classes are suitable for beginners where they do not have any experience in using the software whereas for the professional series are more into software users, which the delegates have attended the discovery series or had experience working with the software but interested to produce a more detail and realistic effect artwork.